FYI: Info-graphic How-To

Spreadsheets be gone!

Is your crew still working off those caveman Excel workbooks to interpret data? If you’ve come to realize it is time for a change, it’s time for you to start reading up on infographics.

Wild Apricot suggests a few websites that will help you get started:
· Many Eyes – give them the data you want to work with and go from there! This site offers a plethora of options – from charts and diagrams to maps..
· Tableau Public – this website has you download free software and then it brings your data to life. Click on “How it Works” to be brought up to speed.

I have a few suggestions of my own, as well:

·         Microsoft Word 2007 – even the basic computer program has really stepped up their game in recent years when it comes to the possibilities for tables, flowcharts, graphs and more! To get started click on “Insert” then “Smart Art.”
·         Wordle – quick, easy… did I mention FUN?

For more info and examples of infographics, check out,GraphicDesignBlog and CoolInfographicsBlog.

To understand the full range of possibilities with infographics, watch A Visual Infographic.


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